A real creative Buzz.

At BEC we are busy developing the Buzz Station in Whitehaven. The vibrant office and collaborative space complete with artisan food offer will be the region’s premier space for tech, digital and creative businesses.

Our region is crying out for growth in these sectors in order to bring skills diversification, increased employment at all levels and more opportunities for our young people. Providing a space for these ambitious and disruptive firms to thrive is crucial if Cumbria is to capitalise on the significant upward trend of economic growth from these industries.

This week we were delighted to sit around the table with representatives from the regions home-studio finest, growing SME innovators and a handful of willing volunteers from larger organisations (including Buzz Station’s strategic Investor Sellafield Ltd) who were keen to lend their expertise and experience.
This first Buzz Station specific consultation was really eye opening. We had already considered elements like great light, the best broadband possible and exploring inside green spaces; but through our collaborative facilitated agenda we really enjoyed hearing about new things to consider at the next phase of design.

Keep an eye on In Cumbria next month to read more about some of the most interesting ideas we discussed and be sure to keep sharing your thoughts with us – the coming months will see us evaluate how we can meet as many businesses needs in a creative way that delivers commercial sustainability for Whitehaven and its new businesses for years to come.
One thing is certain– Cumbria’s got some serious talent and we cannot wait to open this space in 2019.